What is LE360?

Lean Edge 360 is a global educational and training center in the domain of continuous improvement and operational excellence based on the philosophy, paradigm, and principles of Toyota Production System (TPS), aka Lean Management System. This will allow organizations to learn how to improve, their business system for sustainable ‘Growth and profits’ by also making them a secure and respectful workplace to their employees and a supplier of choice to their customers. We are committed to rendering our services to businesses of all kinds irrespective of their sizes or ownership. We will be providing them the resource faculty, who have decades of experience in training, mentoring & coaching, and consulting in the ‘ Lean Management System’ field.

Why LeanEdge360?

LeanEdge360 focuses on imparting true Lean culture and knowledge to organizations of all sizes and kinds. While there are many other consulting firms who may offer similar services, we stand different by offering true Lean knowledge and wisdom which comes from our consultants who have directly worked with Toyota and are experienced in delivering the Toyota way of Lean. This means that our consultants can guide you to embrace the long-term philosophies of Toyota, with the two pillars of TPS being continuous improvement and respect for people.

While many Lean implementation initiatives try to copy the tools and methods of Toyota’s production system to generate profits in the short term, they lose the long-term sustainability of the approach due to poor employee engagement. Our consultants can help you build a culture of continuous improvement where each and every employee is engaged in daily problem-solving at their workplace, thereby creating sustainable and profitable business operations in the long term.

We also offer a much more cost-effective way to help our clients by offering a high-quality hybrid model of training ( Both Online and offline ) where organizations can learn continuously by applying the lean concepts directly with the help of the physical presence of our trainers and also take advice and inputs from our senior consultants and advisors online as they make progress in their lean journey.