Lean 101

Duration: 3-4 full day sessions.

This services offers you an introductory training sessions to the history and journey of Toyota and how they became the pioneers of continuous improvement management practices. This will also cover the Lean fundamental principles, kaizen approach and tools that has been successfully implemented all across the world in many industries by our Lean consultants that can be adopted and implemented in any business.

Structured Lean Problems Solving Coaching

Duration: 7 to 10 days including trainings and demonstrative workshops on the shop floor.

This service is a tailored training and
coaching program to help the leadership and the ground level employees to identify, quantify and solve the core problems at the shop floor using different methods of problem solving like Five Why Analysis and A3 Problem Solving.

Lean tools training

Duration: The training lasts for one week and is conducted at the shop floor level to ensure a rigorous and demonstrative experience.

We offer Lean Tools Training, a service
tailored to address specific opportunities identified by either the client or our consultants during an assessment visit. Our focus is on hands-on learning, enabling clients to quickly grasp the application of lean tools and achieve significant improvements in productivity and output quality.

Lean transformation coaching and training

Duration: This is a retainment assignment and may take months of training andcoaching right from the Top leadership to the ground level

This service is a long term training
and coaching assignment designed for organisations who wish to start their Lean journey and has a strong will to transform to a Lean Enterprise where there are increased employee engagement, customer satisfaction and also consistent and continuous business growth due to improved productivity and quality at all levels of the organization.

Online Lean certification training

In Future

This is as service for individual professionals who would like to update their knowledge on Lean and TPS way of management practices. This service will be offered by ex Toyota executives through online coaching and training and the participants will be awarded a certificate from the accredited institution.