Are you Looking To Have Efficient Processes, Superior Quality, an Engaged Workforce and Accelerated Growth in your Company?

Shifting to TPS (Toyota Production System) style Lean Could Be Your Answer

If you are an organization (no matter what business you are in or how small or big you are) trying to grow & scale your company, then there’s an 85% chance that you are facing either one or all of these issues:

Bloated costs and long cycle times/lead times to deliver products/services

Defects, errors, scraps, or such quality issues

Increasing working capital with lots of inventory and outstanding receivables

High employee turnover

Poor productivity 

Declining customer satisfaction


How did we know that?

Because we’ve seen it in many companies that we’ve consulted. 

And to every one of them, we said, embrace Lean and see the results for yourself. 

A lean transformation can, without a doubt, be the answer to most of your problems. 

Because it has done so for many companies worldwide, starting from Toyota, The original house of Lean thinking.

Introducing LeanEdge360

LeanEdge360 is a Lean training and coaching centre that specializes in business transformations leveraging lean methodologies tailored to your needs. 

Our holistic 360° approach delivers rapid improvements company-wide. 

Our focus is to provide practical lean support to companies that need lean thinking to transform their business inside-out.

Yes, You Can “Lean”on US

LeanEdge360 was founded by industry experts with decades of experience implementing lean across manufacturing, healthcare, and other service companies globally.

The team collectively has hundreds of case studies under their belt. 

Munavver Fairooze
Munavver Fairooze Founder & CEO
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Lonnie Wilson Advisor
Munavver Fairooze (1)
Dr. M Team Member
Munavver Fairooze (2)
Alam Team Member

We’ve Worked With CompaniesLike

There could be hundreds of ways…

…to approach a problem and solve it. But for most companies, our approach has been simple and straightforward.

…. Which believe it or not are what most companies need to turn their growth around for the better.

Download Our Case Studies

The Key to Growth is Always About Taking That First Step

We’re offering a 1-hour FREE consultation session with our Founder & CEO, Munavver Fairooze to help you understand how lean methodologies can transform your company 360°.

What You Can Expect?

We’ll dig into your unique situation and provide tailored recommendations to jumpstart your lean journey.


A surface-level diagnosis of your problems


Customized recommendations for your business


Case studies of solutions we have implemented for similar businesses like yours


No obligations & 100% Confidential


You’ll be amazed at how easily a slight shift toward lean thinking will start to solve your problems.