Core Team Members

Munavver Fairooze

Lean & Operational Excellence Practitioner

A Master’s degree holder in Industrial Engineering from one of the prestigious colleges of India, PSG College Of Technology

Munavver is passionate about the Toyota Way Lean thinking and has been helping small and medium-sized businesses to improve their productivity and quality across South India and the Middle East through providing training and consulting services in the field of Lean Management Systems and the concepts of Industrial Engineering for more than a decade.

Mohammed Jaid Alam

Lean & Operational Excellence Practitioner

A dedicated Lean professional and a process improvement consultant committed to continuous improvement and growth with over 15 years of experience in process improvement. Mr. Alam has been able to generate savings of over ~$50M and has mentored 100+ lean Six Sigma projects delivering 1000+ man-hours of training and is currently working with the healthcare sector of Saudi Arabia in helping them to improve their patient care processes.

Lonnie Wilson

Advisor and Mentor

Lonnie comes with more than 50 years of experience out of which 20 years are in Chevron in refinery management. In addition, he was an internal consultant for Chevron to lead problem-solving teams addressing complicated problems.

He has been working as a Lean Manufacturing expert for more than 30 years now in various industrial sectors. He has applied many skills and can teach all personnel from team leaders to floor supervisors and mid-level and C-suite managers as well.

Lonnie is an on-the-floor and in-the-board room practicing expert and a teacher in the field of “Respect for People” principle of the TPS pillar and can show you how to quantitatively measure and improve your firm’s workforce engagement level.

He has authored 8 books in three languages, including both the theory and applications of lean strategies, tactics, and skills.

Dr M (aka, Dr Mohan)

Advisor and Mentor

Dr M brings with him 4 decades of experience in corporate & consulting. His corporate work life was in the Aviation Sector, Engineering, and pharma. He was in a senior leadership position, as a Director in a German Pharma Industry.

Dr M studied ‘Management Science’ at the University of HULL, UK. His doctoral work is from one of the premium institutes in India in the field of ‘Organisational Behaviour’.

Dr. M is a ‘Gemba Practitioner’, in the field of ‘Continuous Improvement’, He specializes in ‘Lean Management System’ – Consulting, Education, Training, Mentoring & Coaching. His Sensei wasa the Late Masaaki Imai.

Dr. M has a proven track record of helping a number of organizations in achieving quick and breakthrough performance improvements on the shop floor. He has worked with a wide variety of industries in India, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

Associate Team Members
Associate Lean Leadership Consultant
Mark Forkun

Mark Forkun, a seasoned expert in Lean Leadership, boasts a rich career spanning 43 years, during which he spent 27 years in diverse leadership roles such as an entrepreneur, investor, and various positions in manufacturing, entertainment, real estate, and advisory services. Mark holds certifications as a Master Lean Leader at LLW level 4 and has over 18 years of consulting experience. His expertise lies in implementing Toyota Production System (TPS) principles, and he has successfully applied them across more than 160 organizations in various industries. Mark's collaborative work with Toyota experts has contributed to his profound understanding of TPS. Beyond his practical experience, Mark has made significant contributions to leadership development programs at Toyota, spearheading stock exchange listings. His impact extends to the creation of Yokoten, a platform for organizational best practices. As an author, he has penned two books and numerous blogs, showcasing his commitment to sharing knowledge. Mark's legacy is rooted in his ability to transform cultures towards continuous improvement and meaningful leadership. Whether co-founding a consulting firm, authoring insightful content, or establishing impactful programs, his influence is felt in shaping organizational practices for the better.